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Dreams Can Come True! Foster parents can turn tragedy into beautiful dreams for thousands of Southern California babies and children. These children are all victims; victims of their mother’s prenatal drug abuse, victims of physical or sexual abuse, or defenseless victims of neglect.

The Children: Foster children can range in age from newborns to 21 years of age. They are all dependents of the court and need the love and security of a family home. Some of these children may be eligible for adoption.

Who Can Be a Foster Parent?

Any qualified individual at least 21 years of age or older. Applicants may be single or in a relationship, renters or homeowners, and may come from all income ranges. The general requirements for becoming a foster parent are as follows:

1. Ability to care, supervise, protect, and enhance the healthy development of children placed in their home.
2. Own or rent a home or an apartment with adequate space.
3. Parent(s) need to be over 21.
4. Complete and submit the application materials.
5. Receive criminal record clearance (Livescan)
6. Physical exam to ensure good general health.
7. (Negative) TB test reading/Chest X-ray.
8. Have a vehicle available 24 hours a day, registered and insured.
9. CA Driver’s License and DMV printout to attest that the applicant is authorized to operate a motor vehicle and has a good standing driving record.
10. Must become CPR, First Aid, and Water Safety Certified.
11. Parent(s) must show that their income before becoming a foster parent is sufficient to meet their families’ financial responsibilities without relying upon reimbursements for foster clients.
12. Pre-certification training of 26 hours offered
13. Undergo a home inspection to ensure the health and safety of the children placed in the home.
14. Undergo a home study where foster parents are evaluated to ensure that they can provide children with safe, sufficient, and appropriate care.
15. Have a designated caregiver/back-up babysitter. (Care-giver is also subject to comply with the above regulations.)

What Is the Cost?

All training for certification is provided for free by Harmony Homes Foster Family Agency. After certification, additional support, education and assessment are provided as an ongoing service. Foster parents receive a monthly stipend. An initial clothing allowance may be provided. Medical and dental needs are provided through Medi-Cal. Being a foster parent is not easy. The children can be challenging. Goodbyes are tearful, and the families’ stories will tug at your heart. However, you will experience profound joy at having a part in making a child’s dream come true.

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